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The Runner Site of the Week for July 22, 2013 is Skinny Runner.  According to the website author, the name Skinny Runner is somewhat deceptive because she is “not particularly skinny and . . . not a serious runner . . it’d be more accurate to call me an Average Jogger, but that just did not have the same ring to it.”  Skinny Runner is one woman’s blog about her life, which she says includes a lot of jogging.  Her story is fun and relatable and she tells it well — definitely an easy read.  And her website features helpful advice, all told in Skinny Runner’s irreverent tone but containing good information.  Take, for example, Skinny Runner’s article on compression socks.  I didn’t know much about compression clothing but her post on those socks was fun to read (and contains pictures, too).  She also has a post on hot weather running tips which contains a urine color chart for determining your level of hydration.  As I said before, fun and irreverent (but useful!).

Here is a picture of Skinny Runner:

photo with permission from skinny

photo with permission from skinny

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